Xynaps webhooks guide

Status webhook


Before webhooks were implemented the best way to retrieve status updates on a transport document, were by calling the state endpoint in the api. Now we offer an option for the developer to implement a webhook and thus receiving a call to their own api endpoint every time the state of a transportdocument changes. The status webhook can be configured on the administration side of the website.


At Xynaps Admin > Webhooks > Status webhook you will find the following screen:


In the url box you write a valid https url to your api.


We only accept ‘https’endpoints for security reasons.

Next to giving a valid url you will have to choose which events you are interested in and then select them by clicking on the checkboxes.

Example Setup



In the above example you see a uri parameter “?apiKey=abc123def456” this is an optional parameter that can be used by the developer to authenticate the api call. This is also the only option to authenticate a call, we do not provide options for custom authorization.

Example API reference