On the left hand side, you can go to your contacts.


Create a new contact

  1. Go to contacts.
  2. Click the “New” button to create a new contact.
  3. Next fill the details of your contact.
  4. Check the checkbox if this contact is a transportcompany.
  5. Click save to continue.


By entering the Company registration number (VAT number), the form will complete itself automatically.

Your contact should now be created and added to the list.

Check if linked

As an admin you can easily check wheter a contact is linked or not. You can just go to the conact screen and check if the connection is made or not. If not you can click the connect button and send an e-mail invite.


If you do not have admin rights, you can check wheter a contact is linked by adding them to a document. If your contact is not linked, they will not receive their documents. Please ask your admin to send a connection invite.

  • Go to inbox.
  • Click the “New” button.
  • Add your contact
  • If you have established a connection with this company, a green link icon will appear.

Create a Transport Document

e-Documents can be created in multiple ways. You can create every type of document by using the web application. Or it is possible to integrate your current system and reuse your existing data. Your system will then send data to Xynaps for automatically generating documents.

  1. Click the “New” button to create a new CMR, or click the dropdown menu to select a different type of document.

  2. Fill in all the details


3. You can either click save to save as a draft. Or choose between e-CMR or printed CMR. (when saved as draft, all other connected parties will be able to see the draft version)

Finalise as e-document

By clicking the “Finalise” button, this document will get the status planned. The transportdocument will now be sent to the device of your driver. Finalising as an e-document also means that there won’t be any paper documents present.

You can also opt to keep the document in draft. Another party can still edit details on this document. As long as it is a draft, your driver won’t take notice of this order. Once you finalise this document, it will get the status planned.


For your driver to receive the order, make sure you assign him to the transportdocument. You can assign your driver by selecting a document, next click the “assign driver” button.

Fill in the name of the driver, and save.


Save and Print

When you choose for the option save and print, there are two options.

  1. You can print out your documents instantly.
  2. You can sign your document on your mobile device, and print out a signed version.

The advantage of using option two is that you can archive your version digitally. You only have to print the versions for the transportcompany and receipient. If you want to set this up, please contact “

Consult Document

You can find details of the transportdocument by selecting the desired document. Next click details, there you will find all the details of the document.


If your are only interested in the documents itself, you can find them in the dropdown menu.



DigiCMR App

Your driver will use the “DigiCMR” app to handle all electronic transportdocuments. There are several ways your contracting parties can sign a document. These options will be explained further on.

Driver shows QR-code

As a driver, you can show a QR-code to your consignor. The consignor can scan this QR-code with the DigiCMR app and see all document details. Using the app he will sign your transportdocument.

Driver scans signature code

Instead of investing in devices and downloading the DigiCMR app. Your consignor can register to the platform, and generate a signature code. Drivers will be able to scan these signature codes at departure. By scanning this code, the consignor has signed the document. Click this link to see how your consignor can create a signature code

Sign in absence of the consignor

If the consignor should not be present, the driver can choose to sign in absence of the consignor. This might be usefull e.g. for night transportation or delivery at locations where nobody is present. Your consignor didn’t sign using the app, but he will still receive all documents on the platform.


Consignor creates the CMR - Loading process

This case is very interesting when a consignor creates transportdocuments for the driver. Drivers will not have to be linked before picking up the order. The consignor can give the document to the driver digitally. Note that consignor and transportcompany should be linked.

In the first video we show how a consignor can give a certain document to the driver.

In the next video, your driver will scan the QR-code from the consignor. The driver will make a remark and sign the document. Next he will let the consignor sing the document.

The consignor in this case will now scan the QR-code from the driver and sign the document.