Not Connected

If you are consignee, and you did not connect to the platform yet. You can simply fill in your e-mail adress on the device of the driver. when you sign for receipt of the goods, all documents will be delivered to you by mail.



If you are connected to the platform, there are 4 ways to sign the transportdocument.

  1. Sign on Glass: This is the most frequently used option. You can sign on the device of the driver and your documents will be sent by mail. But ofcourse you can also find them on the platform.
  2. Scan qr-code: You can scan the QR-code using the DigiCMR app. You will see all the details before you sign.
  3. Show signature code: You can generate a signature code. When the driver scans this code, you signed the document.
  4. The driver signs in absence of the consignee.

Get signature code

get your signature code here

Consult Document

You can find details of the transportdocument by selecting the desired document. Next click details, there you will find all the details of the document.


If your are only interested in the documents itself, you can find them in the dropdown menu.