Administration Panel

For all the following actions, you will need admin rights. Ask your company’s admin to get admin rights. Or for new companies, you can ask to get admin rights via


Now you should see the Admin Page.



Create User Account

  1. First go to the administration panel
  2. Next, Go to “users” > “Active Users”
  3. Click new to add invite a new user by e-mail. Or Click the menu next to new for more options.
  4. Click new user (“New driver” will give this user the driver role)
  5. Fill in the details of the user. (choose whether you already want to set a password)
  6. Define a role for the user. more info in the next subject
  7. Click save to finish.

User Roles

  • Administrator: The administrator role gives you admin rights. Without this role, you will never see the admin panel.
  • Driver: The driver role grants users the rights to view, edit and sign consignment notes on their mobile devices. This role should be applied to all drivers.
  • Dispatcher: The dispatcher role gives users the possibility to create, edit, … digital documents on the web platform.
  • Network Manager: The network manager can create links between your company and other companies.

Get Signature Code

Signature codes are used to sign documents without any device.


Please note that the signature code is your autograph. By letting someone scan your signature code, you sign the document.

You can find your signature code in the administrator panel.

  • Go to Users > Active Users
  • Click on the user of which you want to generate a signature code.
  • Click “Generate signature code”
  • choose how long this code will be valid
  • Click create

You can download the image and use this signature code.

Company Info

You can change your contact information by going to the “Contact Information” tab, then click “Change”. This is to edit your company’s details.

You should see the following screen.


You can now change the information of your own company, if you scroll down you can also change your company’s address. You can upload a stamp to be displayed on the CMR. You can also upload a company logo. Click “Save” to save your changes

Company Settings

In your tab “Contact Information” where you can find the gear icon “settings”.
In this tab you can change all company settings.

General Info:

In the “General information” tab you can set the standard value to sort your documents in the overview, your company’s default language, time zone and the supported documents. These supported documents are the documents that your employees can create.

If you check the “Onlydraftsandplannedinallfolder” box, you will no longer see archived documents in the inbox tab in your overview. Remember to save your changes.


Document types:

Xynaps is capable of handling more than just the CMR. Under the “General Info” tab, you can activate the desired documents. Click save to exit.


You can create different documents by clicking the dropdown menu, next to the “New” button. (Not in admin screen)




“Enable sending large files over the cellular network”

By default, large files will only be sent over Wi-Fi. e.g. pictures of damaged goods. If you want them to go over the cellular network, you can change this setting for your company here.

“Sign document directly after scanning QR code”

When scanning a QR-code, the document will be signed instantly. You will not have the opportunity to check before signing.


“Disable goods text edit option”

Disable the editing function of your drivers. Goods field cannot be edited.

“Disable products page”

The driver will no longer be able to open the products page.

“Disable add product option”

In the products page, the driver won’t be able to add products to the document.

“Disable remove products option”

In the products page, the driver won’t be able to remove products from the document.


“Disable empties page”

You can choose to disable the empties functionality.

“Disable add empty item option”

You can choose to disable the possibility to add empties in the app.

“Disable remove empty item option”

This setting disables the option to remove empties in the app.

Again, don’t forget to click “save” to save your settings.


“Sign on glass email read-only”

This makes the e-mail address in the sign on glass signature no longer editable.

“Sign on glass name read-only”

This makes the name in the sign on glass signature no longer editable.


“License plate truck read-only”

License plate of the truck is no longer editable in the mobile app.

“License plate trailer read-only”

License plate of the trailer is no longer editable in the mobile app.


“Hide option to exclude documents from batch sign”

When multiple documents must be signed at the same load or unload location, you can choose to disable the option to exclude a certain document. Your driver will only have the option to sign the full batch.

“hide reservations page”

Users will not be able to make remarks on the document.