Administrator Guide

In this part of the guide, every possible action as an admin is explained. The main aspects of the guide are company settings, user management and fleet management.

First you will have to access the Admin Page by clicking your profile and then administration.


Now you should see the Admin Page.


Company Settings

Company Information

You can change your contact information by going to the “Contact Information” tab, then click “Change”. This is to edit your company’s details.

You should see the following screen.


You can now change the information of your own company, if you scroll down you can also change your company’s address. You can upload a stamp to be displayed on the CMR. And you can upload a company logo. Click “Save” to save your changes

Company Settings

In your tab “Contact Information” where you can find the gear icon “settings”. In this tab you can change all company settings.

General Info:

In the “General information” tab you can set the standard value to sort your documents in the overview, your company’s default language, time zone and the supported documents. These supported documents are the documents that your employees can create.

If you check the “Onlydraftsandplannedinallfolder” box, you will no longer see archived documents in the today tab in your overview. Remember to save your changes.


Document types:

Xynaps is capable of handling more than just the CMR. Under the “General Info” tab, you can activate the desired documents. Click save to exit.


You can create different documents by clicking the dropdown menu, next to the “New” button. (Not in admin screen)




By default, large files will only be send over Wi-Fi. e.g. pictures of damaged goods. If you want them to go over the cellular network you can change this setting for your company here.

Make sure the DigiCMR app has permission to your location. This might be handy when using the “sign in absence of…” option (further explained in Signing CMR ). Your location on that moment will be saved to prove you were on the place of (un)loading.

Click “save” to continue.

Device Types

Any device which is Android or IOS based can be used to run the DigiCMR application. This means that most smartphones can be used for this. Some prefer to use small tablets instead. It is important that these devices have access to mobile data, and have a camera.

Also on-board computers can be used to run our app. You can find a list with supported platforms here.

User Management

Adding a User

To add a user in your company there are 2 options.

  • User creates his own account.
  • Admin creates the account for the user.

User Creates His Own Account

When a user creates his own account, as described in Sign in or Register. You must send him an invite to your company by mail. This can be done by going to the user’s tab, and click “New”. Now you can send the new user an e-mail with a link to join your company.


Admin Creates Account for the User

On the same page as above, click on the arrow pointing down, next to the “new” button. This gives you several options. You can send an invitation, which gives you the same screen as clicking the “New” button, you can create a new driver account by clicking on “New Driver” or you can create a new user by clicking on “New User”. The only difference between these last two is that the driver role will already be defined when clicking “New driver”. It saves you a few clicks.


Please fill in all your user’s credentials. You can choose to create the password for your new user, or he can choose his password the first time he or she logs on. You can also define a role to your new user. If you have clicked “New Driver” previously, the driver role will be applied.


Block a User account

Being an admin also gives you the rights to block accounts from your company. You will be able to deny them access to your company’s documents. But you will not be able to delete their account. Once an account is created it is impossible to delete it from the Xynaps platform.

To delete a user:

  1. Go to “Users” > “Active users”.
  2. Click the name of the user you want to block.
  3. You will now see an overview of this user. Click “Block” to deny access for this user.

You can see all blocked users in the tab “Users>deleted users”. These have no longer access to the platform and your company’s documents.

Defining Roles

Defining a user’s role is important to give their account certain functionalities. You can define a role to a user immediately when creating their account. Or you can go to “Users>Active Users”, click on the user’s name and click “Change role”. You can see the roles a user has under the tab “Roles”. You cannot combine roles for one user. Only the “Administrator” role can be in combination with another.

Check the desired roles and click save to continue.



The Administrator role gives you admin rights. Without this role, you will never see the admin panel.


The Driver role grants users the rights to view, edit and sign consignment notes on their mobile devices.

Registering Devices

To pair a device to a user, you first install the DigiCMR app. this is available in the Google Playstore or in the Apple Appstore.


One way to pair your device is to tap “Register”, then you can fill in your credentials. Next you will have to choose a 4-digit pin code. This pin code will be asked in the future, so be sure to remember it. Your device is now paired to your account.


Another way is to scan the QR-code on your admin’s screen. As an admin you go to “Users>Active Users”, click the user which you want to pair the device to. Click “Generate QR-code”.


Let your user scan the QR-code. They will have to choose (and remember) a 4-digit pin code which is used to log in. Now your device is paired with this user.

Audit trail

You can see the Audit trail of your company.


Fleet Management


You can add vehicles by going to Fleet Management, and click new. Or when using a license plate for the first time, this vehicle will be added.


When you click on the gear icon you can edit or delete the vehicle.



In the driver’s part, you can see a list of all your drivers with their contact info. If you want to add a new driver you can follow the steps above.